Arizona/New Mexico

Saindo de Tombstone passamos pela cidade mineira de Bisbee, depois retornando para a I-10.

Pernoitamos na cidade de Lordsburg, ja no Novo Mexico, em um KOA. No dia seguinte continuamos ate Las Cruces e nesta area existe o "White Sands Missile Range" - uma area de deserto em que sao feitos os testes dos misseis americanos - a maior parte e restrita a visitacao publica, com excecao de uma pequena parte - o "White Sands National Monument" e o "Trinity Site" - site de teste da primeira bomba atomica mundial.

Passamos pelas cidades de Alamogordo, Ruidoso (reserva dos indios Mescalero/Apaches) e chegamos a famosa "Area 51" na cidade de Roswell. Esta cidade ficou conhecida em 1947 quando em 4 de julho deste ano dizem ter ocorrido a queda de um  "objeto nao identificado" (UFO) com seres extra-terrestres no seu interior, que foram retirados e levados para estudos e analise. O Exercito Americano interveio para encobrir o acontecido, desenvolvendo a hipotese de ter sido um balao meteorologico. Existem controversias ate os dias de hoje, mas a cidade ganhou fama e continua recebendo turistas devido a isto. 

Pernoitamos no Trailer Village Campground em Roswell e no dia seguinte seguimos viagem ate Tucumcari - por onde passa parte da Rota 66. Daqui entramos no Texas em direcao a cidade de Amarillo pela Rota 66 e passamos novamente pelo "Cadillac Ranch" - famosa "escultura" na beira da I-40. Passamos por varias cidadezinhas da antiga Rota 66 e pernoitamos em Elk City - em um KOA - aproveitando a piscina para amenizar o calor... 


Leaving Tombstone we crossed by the mining town of Bisbee and then returning to I-10. While traveling I-10 we blew another tire and stopped at the small town of Bowie but had no luck in finding a tire shop, so Daniel traded the bad tire for the spare and off we went to the next bigger town of Lordsburg, New Mexico, where we stayed overnight.

We went on towards Las Cruces where is located the White Sands Missile Range - an area in the desert where the American Government performs the tests with missiles - most of it is restricted area but a very small part where one can visit the White Sands National Monument and the Trinity Site - test site of the first world atomic bomb.

We crossed the towns of Alamogordo, Ruidoso ( Mescalero/Apache Indians Reservation) and arrived at the famous "Area 51" in Roswell. This town became well known when on JULY 4TH 1947 they say there was a UFO crash and the aliens that were in the craft were taken to a restricted military area to be analysed and studied. The American Army performed a cover up to thjis event developing a theory that it had been a weather balloon that had come down. Up to the present day there are doubts and controversy regarding what exactly happened, but the town got famous due to this fact and many tourist, even from abroad, come to visit the "area"...

We stayed at the Trailler Village Campground in Roswell and the next day drove as far as Tucumcari - where one can also drive parts of the old Route 66. From here we entered Texas and drove towards Amarillo - through Route 66 - and went by the Cadillac Ranch - a "sculpture" by the Highway I-40. Went by several small and unique towns of the Mother Road and spent the night at Elk City (KOA) enjoying the pool to refresh ourselves...


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