Final words

Final words…for this trip…others will follow!

Well, we started our journey from the United States to Brazil on August 31st of 2013, arriving in Campo Bom on November 3rd of 2013, coming to a total of 65 days travelling the Americas. We started out with 78.317 miles and finished up with 88.834, so we have travelled 10.517 in total.

It was an unique experience, like attending school, learning a new lesson everyday…not only regarding being exposed to other people, other cultures and other experiences; but also regarding knowing oneself, his/her limits, his/her limitations, his/her capabilities, motivation, one’s ability to overcome oneself…

Throughout these 65 days, and nights…we experienced diverse feelings: fear for the unknown, excitement for the adventure, impatience for the waiting, anger for the corruption and dishonesty, impotence and frustration for the negative events, joy for the new acquaintances and friendships we established, complicity in supporting each other, contentment for the several “followers” who have viewed our website  and have posted  messages, pity for the abused and ill-treated animals we have encountered, enchantment for the amazing Nature at the several places we passed by, happiness for returning to our family members and an immense plenitude of having accomplished the trip of our dreams!!!

We have much to be thankful for and many people to thank, as well, the list would be BIG…but there are some specific persons we would like to mention who have helped us make our dream come true :

First of all we must mention Mrs.Jessie Edwards – the owner of the RV and the person we bought it from and therefore this was the starting point to plan the trip. Thanks a lot, Mrs.Jessie!

Richard and Donna Miller – owners of Roger’s Insurance Company who have helped us to close the deal and with all the paperwork related to the insurance. Besides, they provided storage for the RV…

Sandy and Andrei – the couple we met at PPL – Houston – TX for the company and all the “gifts” they so kindly gave us; and some we have even brought on the trip and were very useful.

Toni – manager at Sherwood Forest RV Resort for her understanding, allowing us to leave the RV in the site next to ours in order to prepare it for this trip and for the help of all her staff.

PPL Motorhome – Houston – Texas – for offering us so little for this RV on the trade that we decided to keep it and sell it privately or make this trip.

Daniel e Adriana Borchhardt – for having us in their apartment and for the support while waiting for the RV to be shipped from Panama City.

Veronica, Gina and Carlos – for all the help and support in Guayaquil and for the city tour…as we said we are very thankful to you, guys…Gracias…

To our beloved children – Oscar and Daniela – for the incentive and support which were fundamental  in knowing everything was under control at home.

To all our friends, acquaintances, family members, persons we have met on the road and to each and everyone who have “followed” us and left messages on our website…we are VERY THANKFUL!!!

Our next adventure is planned for the middle of 2014 when we are going to take the RV we have in Florida and drive to Alaska to finish the northern portion of the Americas.

Check us out…we are going to post news on this same webpage and on Facebook  so all who wish can follow us.

Our most sincere thank you to all of you, from the bottom of our  hearts…and , see you next trip!!!


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Richard and Donna Miller | Reply 18.11.2013 17:03

So happy to have met you both you are wonderful people with a wonderful outlook on life and all it has to offer!! thank you for coming thru Chipley that day!!

Sandy | Reply 17.11.2013 21:05

You have a special place in our hearts! We are so happy to have met you and you truly inspire all of us! Congratulations on a successful trip! Hasta Pronto!

Andrei | Reply 17.11.2013 09:43

Very, very nice trip. We hope to meet again, maybe in 2014 on your way north. Thank you both for sharing your trip with all of us.

sergio & claude | Reply 17.11.2013 06:27

congratulation dear Ingrid & Daniel !
We have followed during your trip while we were travelling to Alaska.
We are now back home, in south France.

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Alaska is my favorite state that I have explored with I would like to go again.

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Alaska is great that i have explored while

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Alaska is such a wonderful destination for tourists. It has meaningful attractions to explore and have an offensive time. I like its parks, lakes and glaciers.

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Alaska seems a credible place to visit. I will plan my tour of there after my to see its places and have fun.

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