Photos Brazil

Entrada de Acegua... Welcome sign in Acegua.

Trocando o pneu rasgado... Changing the ripped tire.

Trocando o oleo... Changing the oil.

Sem dispensar o chimarrao... Still drinking the "mate".

Guaxinim cruzando a estrada... Coyote crossing the road.

Haviam 3 deles... there were three of them.

Bage e seus predios antigos... City of Bage and its old buildings.

Que tal esta casa??? How about this old house??

A estrada nao esta das "piores"... The roads are not that bad.

Nosso companheiro por todo o trajeto... Our companion throughout the whole route.

Belos campos de trigo... Beautiful wheat fields.

Sobre o Rio Guaiba... Over Guaiba River - Porto Alegre in the background.

Quase chegando... Almost there...

BR 116

Sr.Gritti - em frente ao Pasoquinha - SL

Entrada de Campo Bom... Entering Campo Bom.

Ciclovia...saudade... Cycling track in Campo Bom.

Tamoio 282 - Campo Bom

Subindo a Rua Tamoio... Driving up Tamoio Street.

Ultima parada... Last stop...

Em frente de casa... In front of the house.

Agora no patio de casa... Now inside of the lot.

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Sandy and Bob | Reply 15.11.2013 17:24

We're so happy you made it home! What a glorious day and so many stories to tell.

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21.08 | 06:50

Alaska is such a wonderful destination for tourists. It has meaningful attractions to explore and have an offensive time. I like its parks, lakes and glaciers.

17.08 | 06:36

Alaska seems a credible place to visit. I will plan my tour of there after my to see its places and have fun.

13.06 | 12:34

Thank you for visiting Route 2 Antique Mall in Carmel, Maine! And thanks for sharing your dream trip to Alaska with the rest of us! Hope to see you again!

21.04 | 17:47

Ingrid e Daniel, adoramos saber de vocês ao ler a reportagem no NH.
Parabéns! É o máximo ter o desprendimento e fazer isto. Abraço, Vera e Valentino Reichert

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